Nokia Lumia 710 Ready For Orange In France

Smartphone France has received an image showing off the new Nokia Lumia 710 Windows Phone in an Orange branded box. The Orange branding clearly indicates that some stores (according to Smartphone France) have already received the phones, but they are still not available for purchase anywhere in France. The availability should come very soon. Pricing for the device was also tipped off as listed below.

1 Euro for Origami from 49 Euros per month

49 Euros for Origami from 39 Euros per month

89 Euros for Origami from 29 Euros months

109 Euros for the Smart package or M6 from 21 Euros per month

149 Euros for the other packages or Smart M6 (less than 21 Euros)

With a mobicarte no obligation or fee: 229 Euros is for those who are faithful in citrus (unlocked device SIM free)

Microsoft and Nokia really meant it when they said they will push hard and fast for the global market!

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