Nokia Lumia 710 And Lumia 800 Now Available For Pre-order In Mexico

It’s always great to see promises come through, especially from mobile carriers around the world. This time, the Nokia Lumia 800 coming soon to Mexico gets serious, the Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 are now pre-order eligible through Mexico’s Movistar mobile operator.

As shown on the Movistar pre-order registration page, the Lumia 710 is $599 w/o contract and the Lumia 800 w/o contract is $999. However, not only is this a pre-order registration opportunity, but both handsets are available free on contract. The Lumia 710 is $0 on Plan Select 400 for $399 for 24 months, while the Lumia 800 is also $0 on Plan Select 800 for $799 for 24 months.


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