Nokia Lumia 610 Passes Through FCC Along With Feature Revealing Manual

The Nokia Lumia 610, a low-end Windows Phone, recently passed through the gates of cavity inspection of the FCC. The user manual also passed through FCC inspection which is now available online. Windows Phone Daily took a look through the manual and noticed a new feature that deals with silencing incoming calls.

Already a similar feature on HTC devices which requires a separate application, this feature of the Lumia 610 seems to be either added by Nokia or part of the Tango update. No one knows that part for sure yet. Either way, the feature is integrated into the operating system and works by simply placing your Lumia 610 face down when the incoming call is active which will then mute the call. It is evident that this feature uses the light sensor and/or accelerometer, which at this rate is something found more and more in today’s mobile devices.

Alternatively, the manual mentions you can press the volume button to produce the same result. At this point, most Windows Phone devices currently allow you to silence an incoming call by pressing the power button once.


  1. Mr. Santos says

    I’ve been silencing calls on my Omnia 7 from day one simply by pressing either of the up or down volume button. I’ve never actually tried the power button.
    The flip-to-silent has been present since Nokia’s first touchscreen phone, the 5800 Xpress Music (the 800 Internet tablet doesn’t count, you Nokia lovers!), but it was just limited to calls. With that simple gesture I could also silence text messages, emails, and most importantly I could snooze alarms! this was at least a year before HTC introduced it in their handsets. Anyway, I hope it’s an OS thing, because I’d love for my Samsung to have it, and let’s not forget the killer “breathing” notification light on the Nokia 5800. Please give me that too. Oh, and also an accelerometer lock shortcut button to the “ring & vibrate” button when I press the volume button…if that’s not asking too much…

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