Nokia Lumia 610 Coming Soon To Netherlands

As evidenced on websites and, the Nokia Lumia 610 is expected to be coming soon to the Netherlands. lists the device as coming soon, with email notification service of when it becomes available. According to the device page, subscriptions through T-Mobile, Vodafone, KPN, and Telfort are available. As far as colors, it seems only cyan and black will be available through The Lumia 610 is listed at a price of € 249, -.

It’s a whole different story with, listing the Lumia 610 as pre-order available rigth now and at a unit price of € 189, -. No information on subscriptions offered, if any, as it seems like no subscriptions are even involved based on the device page. also has all available Lumia 610 colors available for pre-order; black, cyan, magenta, and white all have their own individual device pages for pre-order.

Currently the Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 are the only available Nokia Windows Phones in the Netherlands. The Lumia 610 is always a welcome addition for budget consumers and low-tier device users. Hopefully more information on this expected Netherlands release will be available soon!; via WPCentral

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