Nokia Invents New Typeface For Jumping On Board WP7

If you’re anything of a design nerd — and who in this day and age isn’t? — you’ll find this kind of intriguing. Nokia has developed a new typeface for their change of focus. While they don’t mention WP7, it’s pretty clear that this is for the new platform. The typeface is called Nokia Pure:

Our in-house team started developing ideas for Nokia Pure with Bruno Maag, the highly respected Swiss-born, London- based typographic designer. Acknowledging Nokia’s Finnish design roots, we wanted our new typeface to have an inherent beauty born from function, rather than flourish. It should be beautifully minimal, achieving harmony through simplicity.

There’s a bit of design wank in the blog, but it’s still pretty interesting. From a cursory look, I’d guess it’s a decent enough font that it will gel pretty well with WP7 without looking hideous or out of place. Sans-serif definitely looks more modern and smartphones do have a high enough resolution to pull it off. What can I say, it looks good!

[via Engadget]

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