Nokia Explains What LTE Means For Their Windows Phones

With all the new Windows Phone devices becoming available, most of them 4G LTE capable, many users still don’t even know what ‘LTE’ really means. Jason, over at the Nokia Conversations blog, has posted a simple yet educational article about what matters to users when it comes to ‘LTE’, and how it compares to 3G.

In short, 4G LTE is the latest and fastest technology quickly becoming available to more devices. LTE is short for Long Term Evolution, which is in fact the next generation of network technology being deployed worldwide. Currently, AT&T and Verizon, according to Nokia, are the only carriers of choice if you have a 4G LTE wireless device. LTE is capable of delivery up to ten times the speed of 3G. With LTE speed the biggest idea for Nokia is to take advantage of cloud-based and web-linked applications which will hardly receive any latency or ping issues.

Going from 3G to 4G LTE is compared to when you first upgraded from dial-up internet to a broadband modem. It will be a noticeable different in connection speed on your devices.

[…]imagine your YouTube video and sports content via an LTE network. You’ll be able to stream video without even thinking about it.

The Nokia Lumia 900 is among the first 4G LTE Windows Phone devices that will be supported by AT&T’s LTE network. With faster and better internet, however, users always wonder how it will affect their battery life. Nokia knows how to bring 4G LTE to their devices, without hindering battery life.

Fortunately, Nokia bore this in mind when they created the Lumia 900, giving it an extra-large 1830 mAh battery. With this device, you can message, video call and make regular calls without worrying too much about how much juice you’ve got left.


  1. Robert says

    I would buy four to replace the family plan (1 win-mobile, 3 android) right now. I also have ten devices at work that I would push in that direction. But Verizon is not apparently interested in this… I called and asked when they might get ANY new WP7 phones and was told that they could help me with an I phone or an Android or perhaps a Blackberry……. AT&T is starting to look better every day………..

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