Nokia Design Chief Reveals Nokia Is Working On A Revolutionary Phone

Nokia Lumia 800

In an interview with Finnish newspaper Kauppalehti, Nokia design chief Marko Ahtisaari revealed Nokia is working on a revolutionary phone. After admitting that Nokia is working on a 10.1″ Windows 8 tablet, Ahtisaari went on to mention a “revolutionary phone” in the works. Considering Nokia’s massive dedicated plunge into the Windows Phone world recently, we will safely assume this revolutionary device will be one of the next Windows Phones. Ahtisaari included only a small statement of the phone’s concept idea:

people don’t have to look down to use it and poke their finger at it.

Nokia has already changed the Windows Phone world with some amazing devices releasing all around the world. Even relying on Windows Phone to replace Nokia Symbian devices, Nokia is now looking to revolutionize the phone world as the ‘cherry on top.’

TNW via WMPoweruser

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