Nokia Confirms Skype For Windows Phone Works Well On 256 MB Devices, Despite ‘Necessary’ 512 MB RAM

When Skype officially launched on the Windows Phone, it was immediately known to many that the application would only work with a minimum 512 MB RAM. Since then, Nokia has performed internal tests with the Lumia 610 Windows Phone which proved the application works well on 256 MB RAM capped devices.

A Nokia spokesperson went on to state “Skype is available for the Lumia 610 in Marketplace and actually works just fine in the latest round of testing that has been done.” Microsoft also responded to this testing by stating that since release Skype has been optimized, and is continuing to be optimized to work faster and on all devices. However, none of the companies involved with both Skype and Windows Phone have elaborated on a new Skype update, or if the optimization is taking place server-side by Skype.

The Verge

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