Nokia CEO Stephen Elop Answers Some Questions About Future Windows Phones

Stephen Elop

At the recent 2012 Microsoft TechEd Orlando event, all attendees were given the opportunity to directly record some questions for Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop, to answer through a later published video. That video is now available for all to watch online.

Of interest to the future of Nokia Windows Phones, Elop answered plenty of questions. Such questions involved implementing PureView technology on future Windows Phones, and even current Nokia Asha devices possibly receiving the Windows Phone Tango update. We highlight some of the Windows Phone questions below with their short answers from Stephen Elop.

  • Will a Nokia Windows Phone come to Verizon anytime soon? Nokia is focused on delivering unique devices exclusive to certain carriers.
  • Will there be future PureView Windows Phone devices? You will see this technology in devices to come, so stay tuned.
  • Will the Asha line of phones ever see Windows Phone Tango available as an update? Asha products are intended for a certain audience and will not see Windows Phone OS.
  • What is Nokia’s device strategy for low-tier Windows Phones in developing countries? Extremely affordable, more markets, and remain focused on the same low budget consumers.

You can find the full Q&A video from the event below.


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