NoDo For HTC Surround, Deutsche Telekom & Optus Delivering Alongside “7392” Update

The usual “Latest update news” has been posted by Eric Hautala over at the Windows Phone Blog. In this update, the NoDo update is now being delivered for AT&T HTC Surround devices, Deutsche Telekom and Optus customers. Telstra customers in Australia have now been updated into the scheduling phase of receiving the March NoDo update.

Furthermore into the status update, Eric Hautala provides some information on issues being solved on devices which prevent updates among other scenarios. Samsung Omnia 7 updates were halted after a technical issue, but Microsoft has the package nearly ready and a release date should come soon. A small number of AT&T Samsung Focus users recently noticed they haven’t received any update notifications. Microsoft also has mentioned this issue and details on it; They are working closely with Samsung and AT&T to fix the problem and more details will come soon.

Finally, the “7392” update, which has spontaneously begun delivering today, has been detailed by Microsoft.

The “7392” update

In addition to our ongoing updates, this week we also begin distributing a small new update that adds no new features to your phone. Its sole purpose is to fix nine fraudulent third-party digital certificates.  Once installed, you’ll see “OS version: 7.0.7392.0” when you tap Settings>About>More Info on your phone.  You can read more about 7392 on our Update History page.

How you get 7392 depends on your mobile operator and what updates you’ve installed. Customers with Deutsche Telekom and Optus, for example, will receive 7392 and the March update together. If you’ve already installed the March update, you’ll receive 7392 as a standalone download or bundled with a future update.

What do you think about the 7392 update? It definitely shows Microsoft isn’t tolerating any “hacking” of devices, unlike other companies. Let us know in the comments below!


  1. amy says

    Im a Optus customer in Australia but I have a Omnia7,Does this mean I have to wait longer than the other Optus customers ?

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