No Windows Phone Announcement From LG At MWC 2012

Looks like that leaked LG Miracle Windows Phone won’t be making any headlines at MWC 2012. LG is focusing exclusively on Android devices at Mobile World Congress 2012, according to an interview with AllThingsD. LG has decided to focus on Android devices for now after slower than expected sales of their Windows Phone devices. We admit, the LG Windows Phones haven’t been the best compared to other Windows Phone manufacturers. LG smartphone unit leader, Ramchan Woo elaborated on the Windows Phone decisions. Woo stated that Windows Phone models are in the works, but at the same time declined to mention any expected releases of the new models. Woo continues by putting most of the blame on carriers for poor sales, claiming that they don’t know how to sell the Windows Phone, or simply sell Windows Phone to offer something besides Android.

At this rate, with HTC hanging back and LG…well, not doing much, Nokia will definitely be holding that number one spot for a while. Well played Nokia, well played.

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