No Verizon Windows 7 Phones Until 2011

This is not a doomsday post, but still not great news for those of you waiting for a Windows 7 Phone on Verizon. According to Bloomberg, Verizon will be one of the launch carriers and thus will not release a phone powered by Windows Phone 7 this year. Brenda Rainey, a Verizon spokesperson, did confirm plans to support the new operating system and “will probably release a phone in 2011″. Despite the debacle that was the KIN, Rainey confirmed their relationship with Microsoft is “solid“.

If you are a Verizon customer, you’ll have to wait it out a bit longer. This isn’t uncommon. Both Verizon and Sprint took their time releasing Android devices and now it’s surprising if a week goes by without a new Android phone. In all seriousness, this allows the carriers to flush out any issues with the OS. Regardless, this isn’t just about Verizon and Microsoft. Microsoft doesn’t make phones. HTC, LG and Samsung make phones and they are all on board with Windows Phone 7. Expect Verizon to get on board early next year.


  1. David C says


    Verizon was one of the Windows Phone 7 original partners. Now Verizon is stepping away from the launch, and taking a wait-and-see approach.

    Yes, it allows Verizon to “flush out any issues with the OS” by letting AT&T dive in first. Verizon will then sit back and gauge what kind of market there is.

  2. Christopher Meinck says

    They might also have a full portfolio with Droid devices and pushed it to 2011. Maybe it’s a manufacturer issue? Android was stuck on T-Mobile for what felt like an eternity. Not so much anymore. Verizon and Sprint have become Android central.

  3. Jim Harrer says

    Verizon probably trying to figure out how to turn off half of the bluetooth features in the OS and how to make room for all of their crapware.

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