No Go for “NoDo” WP7 Update According to Carriers

According to an article just posted on, the now long awaited “NoDo” Windows Phone 7 update won’t be released until March 8. claims that according to some sources close to phone carriers the update might have actually released February 7 like many were anxiously awaiting. The catch is that the update only released to carriers and other closed parties only for two to three weeks of testing. More information from (only claims for right now) state that the official date will be announced during the Mobile World Congress on February 14. When Microsoft was asked for comment on the Zune update released February 7 and its purpose they stated it had nothing to do with the NoDo update. Microsoft also added that they have only ever said “Early 2011″ as a release date and no other date thus far.

Place your bets for the new release date folks!


  1. Greg says

    Windows Phone 7 was released to manufacture (RTM) on 1 September, 2010.

    That was the date when the OS was finished. Since then, there have been no updates.

    The first update is expected on 8 March 2011. That’s more than 6 months later. And the update won’t contain very many fixes. I’m disappointed by the copy/paste “fix”, as it is still a very limited form of C&P which doesn’t work with all 3rd party apps.

    Microsoft is famous (or infamous) for being slow and late with OS releases. I really hoped Microsoft would change for Windows Phone 7, as the mobile market meant to much to Redmond. Unfortunately, Microsoft has not stepped up its game.

    I have to say that 6-monthly mobile updates is not good enough in this highly competitive environment. Microsoft must move faster than the competition to catch up, not slower than them.

    • BigAl says

      [quote]I have to say that 6-monthly mobile updates is not good enough in this highly competitive environment. Microsoft must move faster than the competition to catch up, not slower than them.[/quote]

      Depends who their competition is.

      If they’ve done 1 update in 6 months, that’ll still equate to twice as many as Apple.

      A closed source OS like WinPhone7 or iOS, is never going to be able to update at the same rate as open source project, where everyone is contributing constantly.

      Personally, i’d absolutely hate to find i constantly get requests to update my phone software. I’d rather 3/6/12 month intervals between updates, as long as they have a decent amount of weight to them.

    • Lenny says

      This is so true, with Apple and Google updating and putting out new phones it’s terrible that Microsoft hardly says a thing. I really wanted the Venue Pro, but who knows about the damn phone. It’s been delayed some many times and you hear nothing about it. This is not how you do business. Get someone in charge that’s a leader, like him or hate him, Steve Jobs gets the job done.

  2. Duke says

    Greg, are you serius?
    Copy and paste will work wit all the 3rd party app, there are some very limited scenario where a recompilation of the source code is required to make the thing work properly, but is just where a particular use of other components have been done, so 90% of the apps will have copy and paste working properly without any action needs.

    it is true that it is limited to text for now but again this targets the 80% of the copy/paste needs (100% of my personal needs, to tell the true), and about the the slowlyness of the update… i think you have forgot how long apple have took to bring it on iphone…

  3. Robert Wade says

    I’m sorry, Greg, but you are incorrect regarding C&P. It WILL work with any 3rd party app. It is simply limited to areas that are “text box” control areas, which in most cases is the situation. Naturally, it wouldn’t work on bitmapped text…just as it doesn’t work on an iPhone or Android phone or even a desktop. Yes, there are some plugins that can allow you to “OCR” some bitmapped text, but generally web pages are mostly text and any user-interfaced portions of an app are going to be text. You’re making a bigger thing out of this than it is.

    Also, why on earth would you think that M$ would change their mode of operation just for WP7 when every other product they’ve had relies on their frustratingly slow approach to updates? You’re probably correct that the frequency of updates will negatively impact their long-term competitiveness. Time will tell. But then, as I tell everyone else, if you expected something different from M$ then you made a huge mistake, and if you want more responsive updating you should just cut your losses and go with Android. Personally, I’m tired of the whining.

  4. Domenic says

    do you think on my HTC Mozart i can format it to use android system? im soo over the windows crap…and waiting and hoping..

  5. bill says

    personally microsoft should of left the phone world to the know for a fact they ther aren’t gonna give us anything good such as a 100% customizable GUI like the droid and blackberry has where we can have back ground themes and wallpaper and not just a theme or should i say wallpaper for the lock screen, so far the only thing i’ve read was that they are going to give us copy & paste and a few “minor” fixes plus multitasking. the multitasking part of the update is really what i can’t wait to get, but copy & paste who need it,granted it will be usefull but not as much as multitasking and a customizable GUI. if.micro$oft is gonna have to try 100 times harder if they plan to match or even beat platforms such as the IOS or droid OS platforms considering their biggest hype is the “copy * paste” feature.

  6. brenno says

    Everyone thinks they’re so edgy and controversial putting a dollar sign in microsofts name. Its getting a little old. Be more creative, children. People are focusing too much on what WP7 *doesn’t* do, and not enough about the features it DOES possess that make it a viable competitor in the industry. Its early days, dunno why you expect it to be perfect instantly…there are better things out there to moan about

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