New Windows Phone 7 Jailbreak In The Works

Julien Schapman, the brains behind the upcoming WP7 device manager, has promised a new way to jailbreak with WP7. With ChevronWP7 set to be patched in the first upgrade to the OS, jailbreakers are looking for new ways to get at their phones. Talking to WinRumors, Schapman said:

“My unlock method is similar to that of ChevronWP7 in the way they both use a fake registration server, but my method is different and more reliable. For example it automatically detects when a WP7 is plugged in and will check if this is a registered developer phone, if not it will register it once and for all, so the device will never re-lock like with ChevronWP7.”

He’s keeping mum on the specifics so that it won’t be patched immediately.

When the new device manager and jailbreak becomes available, we’ll be sure to let you know.

[via CNet]

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