New Music + Video Hub In Windows Phone Mango Update

Aside from all the updates we have already discovered through many different ways, Microsoft has now posted an article over at the Windows Phone Blog detailing exactly what changes will come with the Mango Music + Video Hub. We already know podcast support and management will be added, Smart DJ will be added, new lock-screen options and new artist wallpapers. All those features we have already discovered, turns out, is less than 25% of what will come to the Music + Video Hub with Mango.

We have listed plenty of new features we have noticed below, if you want to see everything including detailed descriptions be sure to check out our massive feature list on our forums, or just read the Microsoft article if you just want the Music + Video Hub.

  • More discoverable playback options
  • Improved History and New
  • Better playback controls
  • Better artist images
  • More playback info
  • More playback options
  • New playlist option
  • Better data management
  • More video options

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