New Moto Q10 Release Rumored For CTIA

Both CES and Mobile World Congress was uncharacteristically quiet for Motorola, but it appears that a new Moto Q10 could be announced at CTIA on April 1st.

Moto Q10

A video created for Motorola promos a variety of new handsets and a new Moto Q sneaks into the picture. The new Moto Q10 looks more like an upgrade to the Q9 series, rather than the rumored Motorola Genghis that appeared back in October.

The song used in the video is You Only Live Once by The Strokes.

There are some clear differences between the current Moto Q9 series and the new Moto Q10:

  • Running Windows Mobile 6.1, offering major improvements to GUI
  • Answer/Hang-up are now dedicated hard buttons
  • Keyboard is now higher on the device, leaving space between the bottom of the device and the keyboard itself
  • Email and Web buttons are no longer dedicated buttons. The left and right menu buttons now take up much less space and they are also hard buttons. Overall, it’s much more efficient use of space.
  • Looks to support HSDPA, so look for AT&T or possibly even T-Mobile to carry here in the US
  • Date of image shows September, 2007, so it’s quite possible the actual device that releases has some differences.
  • The size of the device is unknown, but perhaps Moto has gone smaller with form factor that would rival RIM’s popular Curve design.

This is certainly welcome news for the Moto Q community and of course Motorola. You can discuss the new Moto Q in our forums. Stay tuned, as we expect big news on April 1st from Motorola.

Source: UnwiredView via WMExperts

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