New Mango Update, Dev Tools Available Today

Good news a plenty when it comes to Mango. Yesterday, we received confirmation that it had been released to manufacturing, a critical milestone. Today Microsoft has released Windows Phone SDK 7.1 “Beta 2 Refresh”, available from the Mango Connect site. The tools represent a month of improvements. The good news doesn’t end there.


Starting with Mango, Microsoft intends to release one major OS revision each year

For those of you running Mango on your Windows Phone, the company has pushed an OS update to the Microsoft Update servers. In the coming days, you should receive a message indicating that an OTA update is available. The Mango update is build 7712. This is not the RTM build.

Windows Mango Update

The process to update your phone with build 7712 is pretty straight-forward:

  1. Make a copy of the backup you took when you updated to the Mango Beta 2 pre-release (which I’msure you did) and put it in a safe place, if it isn’t in one already
  2. Return to (we’re using the same program you were invited to join last month) and download the freshly posted files, which includes a new Zune client and a new UpdateWP executable
  3. Head to the Control Panel and uninstall the Beta 2 software (Zune client and UpdateWP) and tools (WPSDK) that you installed last month
  4. Install the new software and tools that you just downloaded from Connect
  5. Fire up the new Zune client beta (4.8.2134.0) to check for the new update
  6. Zune will then update your phone from 7661 to 7712
Developers will want to visit the Windows Phone Blog for specifics on the various updates.

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