Neuros Technology Adds Support for Motorola Q

Neuros Technology has announced the Neuros Recorder 2 is now compatible with the Motorola Q smartphone. The Neuros Recorder 2 records video content from any video source directly onto memory cards that can be instantly played back on handhelds including the Motorola Q.

Neuros Recorder

The Neuros Recorder 2 already has the functionality to playback video on smartphones, cellphones (including the RAZR V3), PDAs, the 5th generation iPod and the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP). Since the product launch, Neuros has continued to release firmware upgrades that increase the list of supported devices and provide other enhancements. “Neuros stands for openness and helping consumers to play their content when, where, and how they want to. Our products are highly versatile, allowing people to enjoy video programming across a wide spectrum of different devices,” said Neuros CEO Joe Born.

In the past, transferring video for playback on handheld devices has been limited, expensive or technically challenging. The Recorder 2 revolutionizes this process by eliminating fees, hassles, and the need to convert file formats. It records directly from standard video sources such as a TV, cable box, DVD player, DVR/TiVo or camcorder onto a Memory Stick Duo or Compact Flash (CF) memory card. The Recorder 2 is set up and used like a standard VCR, and produces recordings that can be immediately and easily viewed on the Q and other handhelds without the need for a PC.

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