NES Emulator Crafted For WP7, Won’t Make It To Market

Surprising exactly no one, a recently crafted NES emulator for WP7 won’t be in the marketplace. Whacked together in a couple of hours as a port of SharpNES, it only runs at around 20fps, but is mostly functional. The creator talked to Microsoft, and they said they wouldn’t allow it in the Marketplace (no, really?), so now he’s trying to get some community support to get them to change their mind.

This is a simple port I did in 2 hours. It’s not fully operational or anything like that. I just thought is was cool to be able to port code to the phone in 2 hours. For more info and updates check out the Codeplex page I listed below.

I was messing around a little and decided to if SharpNES would run on WP7. Clearly it does! Please note that I had to take the video from the phone emulator, but I have a Samsung Focus and it runs at about 10-20 fps on that.

Next to use the code from My NES to get a full speed emulator working with sound.

My biggest hurdle will be how users will get the ROM files onto the phone in an accessible place.

This will be an open source project as both My NES and SharpNES have source licenses I wish to respect. I am going to try and release this on the WP7 Marketplace as a free game, but I will accept donations ;)

[via WMPU]

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