Navizon Now Compatible with the Motorola Q

Mexens Technology today announced the release of a new version of Navizon compatible with the Motorola Q. Navizon is the first positioning system that combines GPS, WiFi and Cellular Positioning.

Moto Q Navizon WiFi

The innovative Navizon software works by triangulating signal measurements from cellular towers and Wi-Fi access points. Once a map of the wireless landscape for a certain area has been created, Navizon uses this data to offer a software-only positioning system for wireless devices, completely independent of carriers.

“The fact that Navizon is compatible with the popular Motorola Q will make our already popular wireless positioning technology available to an even broader audience,” said Cyril Houri, founder of Mexens Technology. “We believe that this milestone is a big step towards the adoption of Location Based Services (LBS) by the mass market.”

In addition, Navizon adds revolutionary new features that allow members groundbreaking new ways of sharing information. These include the Local Search, Buddy Finder and the Geotag.

  • The Local Search allows users to find exactly what they need, right around where they are. Type

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