Native Panorama Camera Mode ‘On It’s Way’ To Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone

Damian Dinning, head of imaging experience for Nokia devices, has confirmed via a small Twitter request that a panorama mode will soon be available natively on the Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone. In the exact words of Dinning, “[the feature is] on it’s way.” There are already several great panorama picture applications on the Windows Phone marketplace which help put together several pictures to create a panorama effect. Some applications are worth using, while others just don’t do it right. Some great panorama applications we’ve used of notable are Ztitch and Pano.

Funny enough, the request made via Twitter to Dinning involved an example picture taken on a Lumia 800 using the Pano application. Of course, knowing Nokia and their tendency to do everything so much better, having the picture mode natively available in the Lumia 800 camera would be amazing. Hopefully Nokia doesn’t grow fond of any Lumia 800 tunnel vision and brings the native camera feature to the entire Nokia Windows Phone lineup. Oh come on Nokia, at least the Lumia 900, please.

HTC Windows Phone do already have a panorama mode on board. Considering Nokia’s competitive hunger lately, Nokia would be wise to counter HTC even in this aspect.

The Nokia Blog via Pocketnow

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