Multitasking on Windows Phone with Multitask7 (Homebrew)

Jaxbot over at Windows Phone Hacker, the same person who discovered the “Dehydration hack“, has taken it a step further and is developing an application called “Multitask7″. An application which adds multitasking capabilities to Windows Phone, something that won’t be possible for third party applications until the Mango update.

To use this application, you press down the camera half-shutter button, that will bring up your applications which are running and you choose the one you want to switch to.Jaxbot has not released this application yet and this video is only a preview of what has been done so far. It should also be noted that your device must be developer unlocked as this application uses the registry edit stated above.

Shown in the video above, the preview of the application is triggered by pressing the half shutter button (pressing the camera button halfway, not to the point where the camera would launch), and allows the user to jump between desired applications. The applications run in the background to a degree, as shown with the timer, and no time is required to bring the applications back from their background state. It’s all very technical, but rest assure that he will be sharing some more details in the future.

Keep in mind the application is a preview-the interface and how it functions may very well change before release, and no release date is available. But if you’re interested in having it on your device, share some thoughts about how you think it should look, function, etc, in the comments below…

Note for the techies: This solution actually does allow full multitasking. Threads can run in the background, and perform tasks on the phone (display a message, navigate to a page, etc) while in the background.

Let us know in the comments below or in our forums about how excited you are for this release.

Source: Windows Phone Hacker

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