MTV Advertises Windows Phone 7 App

MTV NEWS APP / WINDOWS PHONE 7 from Eli Schwanz on Vimeo.

MTV have created an ad to bring some attention to their Windows Phone 7 app, which takes a number of familiar UI elements and incorporates them in the video. A large scrolling landscape, with partly off-screen labels? Yup, that sounds right!

Now, cue all the jokes about how MTV used to actually play music.

[via WMPU]


  1. Steve says

    I don’t see why I would get a windows phone 7 over the iPhone. This app certainty doesn’t add anything. Isn’t it just another news feed? Since when does MTV Canada have any “news” anyways? Even with entertainment news they just “report” things 10 steps later than blogs. Microsoft and MTV do seem to have things in common: being late in the game. They’re not at the forefront anymore.

    • Trollsville says

      I don’t see why Steve would read this blog considering how he feels. Unless he’s just– oh, wait, a troll.

  2. Laura says

    MTV’s commercials have really amazing songs. What’s this one called? If you know any others it’d be greatly appreciated too.

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