Mozart And Omnia To Go CDMA, WP7.1 To Come In Next 60 Days

MobilityDigest have done a good thing, and at CES have gotten some incredibly good info about the future of WP7. Here are a few tidbits, hit up the link for everything in detail:

  • The Windows Phone 7 update won’t be coming this month, but rather within 30-60 days. It’ll bring updated Marketplace search, copy and paste, CDMA support.
  • HTC Mozart and Samsung Omnia will both come to CDMA, though it’s not known with which carrier.
  • Expect XBox games to be launched at a rate of around two per week.
  • There’s a big Bing Maps update in the works.
  • API updates with the ability to access the camera, compass, and download app add-ons from within the app will not be available until the Mango update in the second half of 2011.


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