Motorola’s Mobile Unit Slumping

Greg Brown, Motorola’s new CEO, spoke to investors today regarding slumping mobile device sales which were down 38% in the fourth quarter.

“The recovery in Mobile Devices will take longer than expected and there is a lot more work to be done,” said Brown who took over for Ed Zander. Motorola has seen increased competiton in the mobile space with the iPhone and RIM’s latest offerings.“Demand for some of our products has slowed in an intensified competitive landscape,” he said later on a conference call.“Our consistency of new product introduction is still not where it needs to be. And we still have gaps in the portfolio in areas that are experiencing high rates of growth, including 3G (third-generation), China and other emerging markets.”

Sales of the aging RAZR brand cellphone have fallen off and Motorola has yet to fill the void. Earlier this month at CES, Motorola announced a new media centric device, the Moto ROKR E8. Motorola has yet to announce a follow-up to the currently shipping Moto Q 9 family of smartphones.

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