Verizon To Carry New Motorola Smartphones

Things have been relatively quiet, but it appears Motorola has been hard at work on their next generation of smartphones. A group of smartphones are scheduled to hit Verizon Wireless in 2009 and represent a major departure from the Moto Q. No specifications were included, but more than a few photos that are worthy of excitement courtesy of BGR. The codenames for these new … [Read more...]

Motorola Alexander and Attila Make Appearance

When it rains, it pours. More photos have surfaced of the new Motorola smartphones codenamed Attila and Alexander. It was just days ago that we saw rumoredphotos and specs for Attila. Expectations are these new Moto smartphones will release sometime in 2009. UPDATE: According to DigiTimes, Compal Communications has received orders for two Windows Mobile-based PDA phones, … [Read more...]

Motorola Working On Android Social Networking Smart Phone

Motorola has been building up their Android Development Team, but not comes information regarding an upcoming Social Networking Smart Phone. According to a job posting at Coroflot, the company is recruiting a Senior Staff Interaction Designer for "a new Android Social Networking SmartPhone". The ad sites a need for specific skills: As a Senior Staff Interaction Designer, … [Read more...]

Stacking up the Moto Q11 vs iPhone vs Moto Q9h

The Moto Q11 has been making the rounds this week with it's release in Brazil and now showing up on Motorola's site. It won't hit the states officially until December of this year, but we'd thought it'd be fun to see how the new Q compares size wise to the iPhone and the Moto Q9h Global. The Moto Q11 appears to be smaller from all angles, which I'm guessing should be more … [Read more...]

Motorola Q11 Coming In December

Motorola today released the specifications for the Motorola Q11, along with news that the company expects the Moto Q11 to be released in the US in December of this year. Many have bemoaned the omission of 3G, but it appears Motorola is aiming to deliver an nice mix of features at an attractive price point. A recent report said that the average price of smartphones released in … [Read more...]