Moto Q9n Napolean Not Coming To Verizon

Those of you hoping the Moto Q9n "Napolean" would makes it's way to Verizon, might have been encouraged by reports of the Moto Q 9n "in the wild". Unfortunately, the Moto Q9n is not coming to Verizon. Verizon decided against picking up the Q9n for commercial release, but it did sell the Q9n to the government. The units seen "in the wild" are simply units from this deal that are … [Read more...]

Motorola To Focus On Android in 09′, Windows Mobile in 2010

Motorola reported their earnings yesterday for Q4 2008, which saw sales in mobile devices slip due to "gaps in their portfolio".  The company will focus on Android in 2009 and applications that focus on social networking. With so many manufacturers developing Android handsets, Moto believes social apps will help differentiate them. CEO Sanjay Jha spoke about upcoming … [Read more...]

Mysterious Motorola QA4 Halo Passes Through FCC

A new model, the Motorola QA4 Halo, has just received FCC approval. The Moto QA4 is a CDMA phone, so it could be heading to either Verizon or Sprint. It does not appear as if this is a Windows Mobile based smartphone. There are no photos of the device, but we do have preliminary specfications and some good looking screenshots. Intuitive User Interface: No hidden menus, … [Read more...]

Motorola Layoffs Hit Windows Mobile Development

Motorola will lay off 77 employees in their Windows Mobile Development group located in South Florida, as part of their 4,000 employee layoff nationwide. This comes just weeks after reports the company will focus solely on Android and our report that the company will not be developing a new Moto Q. The company's smartphone display at CES 2009 was minimal, with the Moto Surf … [Read more...]

Everything Q Software Mobile Heist

For a limited time, you can save up to $20 on a select group of applications for the Motorola Q at the Everything Q Software Store. You can save up to 50% off on over 40 top selling applications for Windows Mobile Standard. The promotion includes such popular apps as PDANet, SmartTweaker and ExtremeText. Visit our Software Store for a complete list of programs being offered … [Read more...]