Motorola Not Among Launch Partners for Windows Phone 7 Series


Motorola was once on the forefront of Windows Mobile devices, with their Motorola Q series of Windows Mobile phones. The company shifted their focus to Android phones, with the launch of the Droid and Cliq. While they haven't closed the door on Windows Mobile, they are not among the launch partners for Windows Phone 7 Series. The initial hardware partners include LG, … [Read more...]

Verzion Prepping Motorola A4500, Napoleon Lives!

For some reason it's lost the Q moniker, but the Motorola A4500 appears to be rebranded Moto Q9N or Napolean that was rumored for release late last year.  Many speculated it was the end for the Moto Q line of phones and the company had apparently moved on to Android. Not so fast. The Motorola A4500 passed through the FCC approval process and should find it's way into Verizon … [Read more...]

Motorola Alexander Cancelled

According to a report in DigiTimes (via UnwiredView), the Motorola Alexander has been cancelled. The Motorola Alexander resembles the Moto Surf A1300, but comes with a Palm Pre-like vertical slide out QWERTY keyboard. There were recent reports that Motorola had planned on releasing as many as 10 new smartphones by the end of 2009. Over the past few weeks, roadmaps from … [Read more...]

Motorola Planning To Release 10 Smartphones in 2009

Not the headline we expected to see, but according to an analyst at Oppenheimer & Co (WMExperts via PhoneArena via E!), Motorola is planning to release 10 smartphones during the second half of 2009. It's still unclear how many of these phones will be "true" smartphones, how many will run Android and more imporantly, how many will run Windows Mobile. In a survey conducted by … [Read more...]

Verizon Moto Q9c Now Includes TALKS Feature

Verizon has re-released the Moto Q9c with a new feature called TALKS. Outside of this new feature, specifications remain the same. TALKS for Verizon Wireless is a screen reader that adds speech to the standard user interface by using Windows Mobile to convert text displayed on the handset to highly intelligible speech. Rate of speech and volume of speech can be … [Read more...]