Microsoft To Release Mobile OS for Enterprise Devices


Whomever came up with the K.I.S.S. principle must not work in the software division at Microsoft who today announced they will be releasing a mobile OS for enterprise devices. This in addition to the existing operating systems. Microsoft will release the new OS for embedded and enterprise devices. The enterprise OS will be based upon Windows Mobile 6.5 and then eventually … [Read more...]

New Moto Q10 Release Rumored For CTIA

Both CES and Mobile World Congress was uncharacteristically quiet for Motorola, but it appears that a new Moto Q10 could be announced at CTIA on April 1st. A video created for Motorola promos a variety of new handsets and a new Moto Q sneaks into the picture. The new Moto Q10 looks more like an upgrade to the Q9 series, rather than the rumored Motorola Genghis that … [Read more...]

T-Mobile HTC HD2 in the wild, coming soon

Nothing like a group of "in the wild" photos to start off a Monday morning and that's what we've got courtesy of TMONews, who brings us some gorgeous shots of the upcoming HTC HD2. We're expecting a March 24th launch date and got one step closer with the HTC HD2 appearing as "Coming Soon" on T-Mobile's website. It's not Windows Phone 7 Series upgradeable, but will … [Read more...]

Apresta Adds Support for Motorola Q to Enterprise Data Access Offering

Apresta, innovators in providing wireless access to enterprise data, today announced support for the Motorola Q, the latest cellular smart phone that runs handheld applications on Microsoft's Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system. With Apresta, Motorola Q users can now gain seamless, real-time access to data from any back-end enterprise database system, including CRM, ERP, … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7 Series Will Not Support Flash, Ballmer Open to Flash

During the Q&A at Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Series announcement, the question was posed as to whether Windows Phone 7 Series would support Adobe's Flash. As of now, it does not support Flash, but they did not close the door on offering support. Steve Ballmer jumped in to provide the answer that they are open to the idea. With 7 months or so until the release, we should … [Read more...]