Motorola Q9 Appears On AT&T Support Site

Although we’ve yet to see an official release, the Motorola Q 9 appears on AT&T’s support site.

Moto Q 9 AT&T

Outlining Differences Between Moto Q9h and Moto Q9m

The Moto Q 9 is currently available in Europe through Vodafone under the Moto Q 9h moniker. Earlier today, Verizon announced the Moto Q 9m. Despite being in the same family, the Q 9m and Q 9h have some major differences. The Moto Q 9m is a CDMA based smartphone exclusive to Verizon. It is feasible that we could see the Moto Q 9m on Sprint, as they also use CDMA technology. According to PC Magazine, Sprint will get a slightly different Q9m later this year, according to the carrier at a press event last week. The Sprint Q9m is yellow and black, rather than red and black, and will work with Sprint’s music store. The Moto Q 9h is GSM based, lending to rumors that it will release on AT&T. To help distinguish the two models in the Q9 family, here are some of the differences:

  • Moto Q 9m: miniSD vs Moto Q 9h: microSD
  • Moto Q 9m: 1.3 megapixel camera vs Moto Q 9h: 2.0 megapixel camera
  • Moto Q 9m: USB vs Moto Q 9h: micro USB
  • Both share the same piano style keyboard, but they have different layouts

No official word from Motorola on a US carrier for the Motorola Q 9h. It certainly appears that AT&T will carry this model and we’ll pass along any release information once it becomes available. Discuss the Moto Q 9 in our forums.

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