Motorola Q 9h Unboxing

In this video unboxing of the Moto Q 9h for AT&T, we take a quick look at what’s included with the Motorola Q 9h along with a few comparisons to previous Moto Q models as well as other smartphones.

Initial Thoughts

First off, it’s nice to finally see the Moto Q 9h released here in the US. There had been so much speculation as to release dates, so it’s exciting to finally see it on the shelves. The build quality is vastly improved from the first generation Moto Q. For the most part, the AT&T branded version is not much different from the European version. The keyboard is the same piano style keyboard, but has a “slicker” feel. I find this to be an improvement, as it’s easier to make your way around the keyboard. There is also silver trim or accents as opposed to the completely black Vodafone version. The accents are nice, but I’m hoping the Sprint Motorola Q2 has a shinier chrome style finish. I believe it would make for a more striking appearance. When compared to the Moto Q 9m, there are more than a few differences worth noting:

  • Moto Q 9h has some design cues from the RAZR family. The top and bottom of the Q 9h has different lines than the Moto Q 9m.
  • The Moto Q 9h uses Micro USB vs Mini USB found on the Verizon Moto Q 9m
  • The Moto Q 9m has the familiar scroll wheel found in the first generation Moto Q. This was changed to up/down buttons on the Moto Q 9h.

This is the first Moto Q to feature built-in GPS. It also comes with a nice bundle of accessories including the following:

  • Micro USB to Mini USB adapter: Allows for using older Mini USB chargers, etc.
  • Micro USB to 3mm Adapter: Allows you to utilize your existing wired headsets
  • Extended battery and battery cover

The additional battery is a welcome addition. The extended battery has long been one of the more popular accessories for the first generation Moto Q, so having this as part of the accessory bundle is a plus.

Check back next week as we’ll have our comprehensive review of the new Moto Q 9h. We’ll also have our Moto Q 9h user review section allowing you to get feedback and reviews from other Moto Q 9h owners. In the interim, please visit ourĀ Moto Q 9 forums.

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