Motorola Q 9e Unlocked Now Available

Motorola has released yet another iteration of their Moto Q9 series. The Moto Q 9e, available direct through Motorola’s online store, in effect is an unlocked Moto Q 9h sans 3G.

Moto Q 9e unlocked

Nothing much new to see here. The Moto Q 9e retails for $499. It’s unlocked and will allow you to use any SIM card. In the US, the Moto Q 9e is compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile. Motorola is also packaging their T815 GPS for an extra $224 that allows for turn-by-turn directions on the Moto Q 9e. The Q9e looks more like the European Q9, than the AT&T branded Q9h. This device,like the Moto Q 9h, does not include WiFi and ships with Windows Mobile 6.0. Although unconfirmed, expect the Moto Q 9e to be in line for a Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade around the time the Q 9h update becomes available.

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