Motorola Layoffs Hit Windows Mobile Development

Motorola will lay off 77 employees in their Windows Mobile Development group located in South Florida, as part of their 4,000 employee layoff nationwide. This comes just weeks after reports the company will focus solely on Android and our report that the company will not be developing a new Moto Q.

The company’s smartphone display at CES 2009 was minimal, with the Moto Surf A3100 being the only real smartphone of interest and that’s not headed to the US anytime soon. The company continues to refute rumors they are abondoning Windows Mobile, but the only signs of life were conceptual photos leaked late last year.

While Android shows promise, is it wise for Motorola to abandon Windows Mobile, an operating system that has no problem navigating it’s way through the approval process of corporate IT departments. The open source Android Market has already shown itself to be prone to trojan horses.

via WMPowerUser

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