Motorola Blaze Touchscreen On Tap for Verizon

We have yet to see specs, but it appears that Motorola is prepping a new touchscreen device being dubbed the Motorola Blaze.

The upcoming device was on a list of devices that would include Verizons visual voicemail (yes, the same feature found on the iPhone). We are still not sure if this is even a smartphone and if it will carry the Moto Q brand. While Blaze could be a codename, it is listed with other shipping product names, so it certainly sounds as if it’s the actual product name. No photos of the upcoming Moto Blaze have made their way to the web as of yet. Stay tuned!

Interestingly enough, RCR Wireless did a story recently discussing how phone manufacturers were catching up to Apple’s iPhone. In passing, the author mentioned that “Motorola is bringing out a brand new Q.”Last October, we heard rumplings of a touchscreen Moto Q.

via EngadgetMobile

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