Moto Q FAQ Highlight: Q Freeze On Startup Solution

Starting this week and continuing each week thereafter, Everything Q will highlight a useful Moto Q FAQ. This week, we focus on an issue experienced by a few members in our forums who have experienced an issue with the Q freezing on startup. Not only do we have a fix, but some preventative measures for those of you who have not experienced the problem. View this week’s helpful Moto FAQ, My Q device freezes on startup, what should I do? Stay tuned for this continuing series of helpful FAQ’s.

If you have an FAQ that you think should be highlighted, drop us a line at info AT Be sure to include the question and answer if it does not currently appear in our Moto Q FAQ. Looking for another great source of Moto Q information? Check out our Moto Q forums. With just under 100,000 Q owners, you are sure to find answers to popular questions surrounding the Moto Q.

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