More Windows Phone 7.5 Features Leaked

As if our other article wasn’t enough, there have been even more features leaked to come with the Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) update later this year. We have already mentioned Bing Audio, turn-by-turn map guidance and SMS dictation all releasing with the Mango update. But wait, there’s more! Set to also release with the Mango update later this year are the following (so far):

  • East Asian Language Keyboard, Handwriting and Dictionary Support – Users will be able to use East Asian keyboard layouts, or even their fingers to write onto their device surface and the device will interpret the characters

  • More Skydrive Integration in Office hub – Document types will be color coded

  • Windows Live Messenger integration into People hub – If you have your contact’s Live information available you will be able to message┬áthem directly through Messenger
  • Bing Vision – will allow the use of the device’s camera to find out more information about what the user is looking at through their camera
  • Bing Image Search – self explanatory, this will most likely just be added as an extra pivot within the Bing search of the Windows Phone software
  • IE9 Mobile Tabs In Multitasking – self explanatory, IE9 Mobile tabs will show up independently when using the new multitasking feature also coming with the Mango update

As always although these are considered “leaks,” keep in mind that content and information is always subjective and may therefore just be rumors sometimes. These features sure do look great! Hopefully the Microsoft May 24th event will bring more information.

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