More SanDisk and Kingston MicroSD Cards Approved For WP7

If you’re still trying to track down a MicroSD card for you WP7 phone that won’t be completely useless, we’re starting to get a clearer picture of which ones are okay, and which ones aren’t. From SanDisk, we have cards running from 2GB-32GB, approved for use in the Samsung Focus, with prices ranging from $16-$200.

Kingston has a similar array of cards approved for the Focus, and they’re substantially cheaper than the SanDisk versions.

Keep in mind that putting a card into a WP7 handset will render it unusable for other devices — including formatting. So far the only workaround we’ve heard of is using a Symbian smartphone, of all things.

[via MobilityDigest]


  1. Christopher Meinck says

    I have what appears to be the same class 2 32GB SanDisk and it gave me nothing but problems. Maybe it’s time to give it another whirl.

    If not, I suppose I need to grab a Nokia phone so that I can reformat the card.

  2. cerif27 says

    Yeah…I have that exact card sitting in my room but after Christopher’s experience I have no intention of trying it out till I really hear some more reports or can get complete confirmation that it’s either a different card or some kind of software/firmware update out there. I really want the extra space but I’m gun shy at this point as my phone really works like a dream right now.

  3. Cerif27 says

    This is starting to smell fishy. Sandisk pulled ANY and ALL compatibility records for the focus from the site sometime within the last five hours.

  4. YagottaBKidding says

    I have a 32 gb micro sdhc from Kingston which is class 4. The phone (Samsung Focus) works with it but it is considerable slower (from time to time I experience hiccups – 2-5 seconds of “indecision” when nothing of the sort happened in the past when the card was not in). Syncing with Zune desktop is hanging after I filled the internal memory and the card is used (it will put 3-10 songs on the card and then hangs). Downloading songs from marketplace works although somewhat slower and installing applications definitely takes 3 times more time).

  5. Zeek says

    My SansDisk Micro SD 16g Class 4 crashed my phone hard. Randomly looked down and noticed it restarted itself after working seemlessly for a few days after I installed it. When the phone came back on everything on the phone was erased along with contacts, themes, prefs, you name it. Since I took it out and am working with the mere 8 local gigs the phone has I havent had an issue since. A collegue of mine who has one said once you pass the local 8 the phone comes with and start using the SDs space it becomes unstable and its only a matter of time. Im steamed with this. IF they EVER publish a list for this phone I will have to start all over again… again.

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