MonstaFish Now Available On Windows Phone Marketplace

MonstaFish is now available on the Windows Phone marketplace for $0.99. It is great to see more realistically-priced Xbox LIVE games becoming available. In MonstaFish, the player is essentially protecting the ocean from pollution by, through a variety of game modes, either saving the fish that aren’t infected or ridding the ocean of those infected.

The gameplay mechanics are simple, focusing heavily on your device’s accelerometer to control fish hooks, bubble shooters, etc. Some game modes also require simple, yet unique, finger swiping and tapping inputs.

This Xbox LIVE game is published by Ironsun Studios and is released under version The download size comes in at a hefty 53 MB and supports the following languages: Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Português, and русский. To clarify, the download size has to do with the intense graphics, variety of game modes, and even a free ringtone with purchase (accessible through the in-game options). All that and it is only $0.99!

As with all Xbox LIVE titles, you can download the free trial version of MonstaFish to see for yourself if you are worthy of saving the ocean from pollution. The trial version lets you play through the “MonstaFish!” and “Fish Hook” game modes. However, we only made it to level 2 or so in each mode, not sure if the entire game mode is trial-available.

Download Link: MonstaFish

Publisher’s Description

Beware the toxic MonstaFish! Keep the water clean of polluting mutant MonstaFish in four different game modes, where you use various methods of lethal destruction to clear the pool.
In “Fish Hook” mode lower the hook down to rescue the goldfish, or you can play “Fish Hunt” where you have to be as accurate as a sharpshooter with finger taps to hit the fish. Then you have “Time Attack” where it’s you and your finger against hordes of fish and the clock! Finally is MonstaFish! mode itself, where your local friendly super-Octopus releases bubbles that you have to use to deflate the cunning MonstaFish. If, after all that frenetic finger fun, you fancy chilling out a bit there’s always your Fish Tank, where if you look after it will soon attract new fish for you to care for.
Play all MonstaFish! modes to unlock a devilish array of Xbox LIVE achievements, or just play each game to be the top fish on the four different leaderboards. With beautiful graphics, great sounds and a theme tune that will get in your head (free ringtone included in the full game) this is one water fight you will love to play.


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