Mobile Phone Manufacturer INQ Also Considering Windows Phone

Frank Meehan, chief executive officer of INQ, expressed the company’s interest in the Windows Phone platform in a recent interview with GigaOM.

We see a number of major vendors very seriously considering Windows Mobile as a core platform and therefore we are following their lead and examining it as well to complement our work in Android to date

INQ has been working on Android devices since 2009, but with Google’s recent acquisition of Motorola, INQ has also noticed companies moving into Windows Phone development and manufacturing.

From a group perspective at Hutchison Whampoa, we have worked hard at bringing Android to consumers across our operations. However this year there has been a dramatic increase in the way companies are looking to maximize the potential revenues of IPR (intellectual property) holdings, and the trend for many companies is now to concentrate on litigation rather than innovation.

The advantages with Windows Mobile is that the legal issues and resulting costs seem to be much less.

With the above statement Meehan emphasizes that it’s not just about perhaps jumping on the bandwagon, but it’s also about strategic marketing and maximizing revenue for the company.  INQ is one of many other great companies now realizing how big Windows Phone will be, and we are glad to back up such a great platform here as well on EWM.

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