Mirror’s Edge now available on Nokia Lumia Windows Phone Marketplace

Yes, it is in fact another exclusive game to Nokia Lumia Windows Phones, only for a limited time as usual. After the limited time exclusivity for Lumia Windows Phones expires, Mirror’s Edge will be available on the Windows Phone Marketplace as a whole. We would assume this exclusive period will most likely last 1-3 months.

As soon as Mirror’s Edge is available for all Windows Phones, we will make a much larger and more detailed post about the Xbox LIVE game.

If you do in fact have a Lumia Windows Phone, be sure to check out Mirror’s Edge which is now available to you. Mirror’s Edge is a 2D platformer, based on the 2010 Xbox 360 version of the game. By the looks and gameplay of the title, EA definitely put time and effort into the Windows Phone version. Great controls, graphics, and even a great menu system make Mirror’s Edge on the Windows Phone a premiere Xbox LIVE game to own.

You can download the trial version of Mirror’s Edge before purchase, which is limited to only two levels. The full game is priced at $2.99.

Download Link: Mirror’s Edge

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