Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Series makes clean break from Windows Mobile

Last month, Microsoft promised more details on developing for Windows Phone 7 Series would be coming at MIX10. Ahead of that conference, we’ve got some news regarding development of apps for the new platform. Charlie Kindel, a member of Windows Phone developer experience team, indicates to us that Silverlight, XNA and .Net will figure prominently in the development of apps for Windows Phone 7 Series.

“If you are Silverlight or XNA developer today you’re gonna be really happy”, says Kindel.

If there was any shred of hope left for Windows Mobile compatibility, that’s officially gone. Windows 7 will make a clean break from Windows Mobile. Current Windows Mobile apps will not work on Windows 7 Phone Series. Microsoft will continue to support Windows Phone 6.5 and in fact we noted that it will still remain in their product portfolio.

This is not uncommon, as Palm made a similar move when they made a clean break from Palm OS with their new webOS platform. A third party developer did create a Palm OS emulator which allowed webOS users to use older Palm OS apps. It’s unclear if some developer will come along and do the same. Seems to us that might a popular product.

How about you? Current Windows Mobile user? Are you ok with the clean break?

Charles Kindle via Engadget

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