Microsoft Updates Where’s My Phone Update

Microsoft today updated their “Where’s my phone update?” page to reflect the Mango Windows Phone 7.5 update. Previously confirmed for AT&T, the update page indicates that all major US carriers including Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon are in the delivering update stage. This is the final stage which is described as:

Windows Phone 7.5

Microsoft has started to send out the update. Important: To help ensure quality, software updates are typically sent out gradually and/or in batches, so it might take several weeks before you receive notice that an update is available for your phone.

Simply put, this is great news for all Windows Phone owners. We should caution that not all devices will receive the update today or even this week. For example, Samsung Focus revision 1.4 won’t hit until later in the month.


  1. SunYam says

    Just plugged in my Dell Venue Pro and it popped up that there was an update. I let it do everything it needed to do. Checked phone and it now says “Software: Windows Phone 7.5″ Thought I heard the Venue Pro wasn’t gonna get 7.5 till a bit later?

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