Microsoft To Discuss Windows 7 Phone Development at Tech Days

As we edge closer to MWC, it certainly appears that Microsoft will offer a glimse of the future that is Windows Mobile 7. The company has announced that at Tech Days, developers will have a chance to discuss development tools and software. The event takes place in Geneva, Switzerland starting on April 14th. Of course, discussing development tools, means that an announcement regarding the platform has to come before this event. Next week certainly looks like a good time to get this party started.

The complete session details for the Tech Days conference reads:

14:45 – 15:45 Mobility V-Next (professional tech · days session)
Sascha Corti, Developer Evangelist, Microsoft Switzerland
Speaker Biography
Presentation Details
Front Switzerland, you will see the next generation
Windows Mobile platform, the code-named “Windows 7 Phone”. After an overview of the platform and the roadmap, the development tools for creating your own applications the new generation of smartphones will be announced. The content depends on information available at the overview.

[via WMPowerUser]

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