Microsoft Shows Windows Phone And Kinect Interaction At GameFest Conference

At Microsoft’s recent GameFest conference held in Seattle, they showed a quick demonstration of one of several ways the Xbox 360 Kinect and Windows Phone will interact.  With updates releasing in the next coming months for both the Windows Phone and Xbox 360, they will allow interaction between the two devices. In the Microsoft demo shown at the event, they showed how, using QR codes, the Windows Phone can easily import/export your Kinectimals through both the Xbox 360 Kinect game and the Windows Phone game (releasing later this year).

Of course, this is only one of several ways that the Windows Phone will allow users to communicate with the Xbox 360, some of the others include turn based games and perhaps even real time multiplayer gaming. Also, as shown in other conferences the Windows Phone can even be used to manipulate objects of certain Kinect games as another user actually plays. Microsoft stated in the demonstration that the Kinectimals interaction is an example of “connected companion experiences” that are being planned for the future.


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