Microsoft Shows Off Windows Phone Kinect Integration

Microsoft has demoed Windows Phone and Kinect integration in a new video that has emerged on the Internet. The video shows a Microsoft employee explaining what is possible with this integration, along with the power it gives companies over their commercials when seen on the Xbox 360 console with Kinect. Remember, Xbox 360 will also receive the usual Fall update this year, bringing live TV services right to the entertainment console. This integration is possible with the update coming to the Xbox 360 along with Mango on the Windows Phone.

As you will notice in the video the two big features shown are:

Xbox Schedule – Saying this command when watching a TV show will automatically send information about the show. Information includes placing a reminder on your Windows Phone calendar about each time the show airs.

Xbox Near Me – Using this command during a commercial (ie. a Toyota commercial shown in the demo) will display a map of nearby locations of the product shown. Upon selecting a desired location a new pop up menu shows upon which the user, through Kinect, can choose to send directions via SMS (or email) to their Windows Phone device.

Add this to the awesome list of Windows Phone features coming with Mango, bam! What other features would you like to see integrated between Windows Phone and Kinect? Let us know in the comments.

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