Microsoft Retail Pros: You Now Have An Application For All Your Windows Phone Needs

If you are a Microsoft retail pro, or an employee of a Microsoft retailer, whichever way you put it, there is now an application to help you know everything about the Windows Phone platform. It’s great to see that Microsoft is finally picking up on marketing efforts by creating a Windows Phone application by the name of Retail Insider. Microsoft Corporation is the direct publisher and handler of the application which is another plus.

Want to know how useful the application is? We feel the description does it great justice:

Do you sell Windows Phones? If so, the Windows Phone Retail Insider app is designed for you. Get the latest news, tips, and product information, and be the first to know about promotions, contests and learning content exclusively for retail sellers.

Key Features:
– Multiple Live tiles you can pin to your Start Screen that show the latest content updates
– A device library with demo suggestions and selling tips
– A curated list of the best Windows Phone apps with links to Marketplace
– Easy sharing of app content via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail
– An aggregated stream of updates from Microsoft’s social media channels for retail sellers
– One-click access to customer demo videos that help you show your customers the best features of Windows Phone
– Built-in Windows Phone FAQ and quick links to step-by-step how-to’s

PC Download Link

Of course, the application is available for anyone with a Windows Phone to download. Just because it is intended for retail pros doesn’t mean users can’t learn a thing or two from it.

Thanks to Ben Rudolph who brought news about the application via Twitter this past Friday! Big kudos to Microsoft on the application as well, hopefully many more come along!

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