Microsoft Research Project ‘FALCON’ Brings Application Content Pre-load To Devices

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Microsoft Research is always working on some very innovative technology and ideas for all Microsoft hardware and software. With FALCON (Fast App Launching with Context) the group is focusing on context-based application launching.

Ideally, FALCON will collect analytical data such as the time, location, and application access patterns of the user. That data will then be used to ultimately pre-load application content, reducing memory consumption and speeding up application launch. FALCON will also eventually learn which applications to launch and when to launch them for the user of the device.

Technology like this would truly bring even more convenience and technology to Microsoft devices. Imagine using your Windows Phone and simply waking up in the morning, dismissing the alarm and then watch your Windows Phone automatically open your weather application, news application, and even run some background music too. Truly amazing and something to look forward to.

No information on when, and if, Microsoft Research plans to test FALCON on any software/devices.

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  1. John says

    this sounds like Schedule Tasks in Windows… why not just let people do that? Does this REALLY need to have artificial intelligence?

    as for location based triggers – give your developers better access to connect their apps to the MAP then. As a consumer I should be able to do:

    background agent detects proximity to a geo location -> triggers my train app -> launch with my current train station selected and my upcoming train’s schedule.

    not having that hook is stupid – Microsoft should bake this into the phone and let 3rd parties build addons.

    • John says

      I love the WindowsPhone, but Microsoft is so slow at this. Just open the platform up with APIs so other developers can do the work and fill in the gaps already.

      If I had to wait for “FALCON” to finally appear in my phone, I predict in the WP9 timeframe, and it won’t be available in Australia.

      Your biggest (and most annoying) competitor, the Android, will look at this post and have this feature copied before the end of the year. What’s your move, Microsoft?

      Argh! Frustration.

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