Microsoft Remains Cagey On Sales Numbers

At the LeWeb conference in Paris, Charlie Kindel, the general manager of the Windows Phone 7 developer ecosystem, was on stage talking Windows Phone 7, and was selling the device hard, talking up the XBox Live integration, and that 50,000 developers had signed up to build apps. However, there was one factoid he didn’t seem to keen to talk about — how WP7 was selling. LeWeb founder Loic Le Meur reportedly asked multiple times for sales numbers, and Kindel dodged the question every time. Instead he just said that Microsoft plans to sell “a lot of phones in 2011.”

I know it’s controversial, but I kind of agree with Microsoft here. Releasing sales numbers won’t do anything for them. They’ll be compared to the current sales rates of Android and iPhone, both of which are well established and have been selling for years. The only useful comparison would probably be Android two months after the original release, when iOS was still heavily dominating.

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