Microsoft Promises More Info On WP7 Update At MWC

On Microsoft Mobile’s German Facebook site, we’ve had the first official confirmation that they’ll talk about the much awaited update to Windows Phone 7 at the upcoming Mobile World Conference, starting next week. Thanks to Google translate, this is what they said:

In recent days, the questions piled up at the scheduled update, and we do not want to leave you in the rain: At the Mobile World Congress is the keynote of Steve Ballmer streamed. Thus, you can read next week all the news about the update.

Come Ballmer’s keynote, we’re assuming WP7 will get a lot of discussion, as will their deal with Nokia.

[via WMPU]


  1. Senor Figo says

    It’s about freaking time. I mean don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely in love with the new wp7 os but after hearing rumors about a first update including copy and paste has gotten me fidgety. All these rumors that have been springing up the past couple of months have gotten my hopes up only to be shot right back down. I believe there is good reason as to why Microsoft taking a while to announce their first update, but now that there is an confirmation that MS will discuss more about the update has made me feel better. I know that MS can pull through in the mobile world and compete with Apple and Android; it just wont happen over night. And for all you iPhone (which I was but switched) and Android users that bash on the WP7, just you wait, Apple and Android weren’t perfect in the beginning either. GO WP7!!!

    • Fullmetal99012 says

      Thats whats so funny about “WP7 Haters” and people who are fanboys of anything really, not just iOS and Android. They bash things for being “not as good” and for having flaws, while overlooking the fact that whatever they adore has flaws too. I prefer Microsoft Products, but I don’t go around bashing people who like macs or the iPhone, or Android. I don’t like it, but its not my business to force that opinion on someone else.

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