Microsoft Offers Up Apology For NoDo Rollout

Microsoft has updated the official blog post about the NoDo rollout, and added a note to apologize for just how poorly the rollout has been — and for a major corporation it’s unusually sincere and heartfelt:

I know many of you are disappointed, even angry. You certainly have a right to be. We’ve fallen far short of your expectations, and our own, and for that I’m truly sorry. We didn’t set out to let you down. But it’s clear we did. Whether you’re someone who has followed our progress from the start, or are new to Windows Phone, you deserve the updates we’ve promised. My job is to get us on the right path and deliver them.

My only hope is that they learn from this FUBAR, and the next update (Mango?) goes much, much more smoothly.

[via WMPU]

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